Women In the Director’s Chair (WIDC)
WIDC is an intensive, hands-on mentorship program providing professional and creative development to mid-career Canadian women directors of screen-based fiction. In collegial workshop settings Director participants work with highly skilled industry professionals including Alliance of Canadian Cinema Television and Radio Artists (ACTRA) actors, Directors Guild of Canada (DGC), International Alliance of Theatrical and Stage Employees (IATSE) to develop original scripted content, explore creative, business and leadership best practices, and create strategic career plans. Follow-up support, including mentoring, awards, fellowships, and career coaching is made available to Director participants to help them integrate what they’ve learned in the program into their careers and subsequent works.

WIDC programs are currently designed for Canadian participants.  An international component of WIDC is being developed. more…

WIDC was created as a result of an initial collaboration among the Banff Centre, ACTRA and Women In Film and Television Vancouver.

WIDC Co-creators
Many hands, minds and hearts went into the discovery, design and delivery of  the original pilot session of WIDC, however Peg Campbell, Sara Diamond, Gabrielle Rose, Mary Ungerlieder, Anne Wheeler and Carol Whiteman were the key architects of the pilot edition of WIDC. more…

Creative Women Workshops Association
Following the first few successful editions of the WIDC workshop held at The Banff Centre, the co-creators of WIDC decided to form a national non-profit society. Creative Women Workshops Association (CWWA) was incorporated in 2000 in the province of British Columbia, Canada to administers the WIDC program and provide a platform for fostering follow-up for its alumnae. Since 1997, the collaboration and significant contributions of the Banff Centre (1996 to 2016), and ACTRA toward the WIDC program have helped foster the continued success of women screen directors across Canada. more…

CWWA Board of Directors
The CWWA Board oversees the development, delivery, promotion and fundraising for the over all WIDC program, including workshops, director alumnae follow-up mentorship, outreach initiatives, awards, fellowships, and the WIDC Career Advancement Module (CAM). more…

WIDC Alumnae (1997 – 2018)

*WIDC director alumnae hale from across Canada, and more than 25% come from diverse cultural backgrounds.

WIDC Awards and Fellowships (2002 – 2018)

Annual Reports