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Creative Women Workshops Association (CWWA)

CWWA is a national non-profit society incorporated in the province of British Columbia, Canada.

  1. Purpose (from CWWA Constitution and Bylaws, June 13, 2006)
  2. The purposes of the Society are to:
  • CWWA logoProvide and/or assist in providing educational opportunities that will help to bring Canadian women into leadership/decision-making positions in film, television and video productions;
  • Help to promote more Canadian women’s stories into Canadian and global communities; and to
  • Offer artistic development opportunities that help to build the Canadian talent pool in film, television and video production;

which shall be carried out on an exclusively charitable basis.


Creative Women Workshops Association strives towards gender equity by supporting, celebrating, promoting, and developing the talents and skills of women storytellers for screen in particular directors, along with actors, crafts people and technicians. Overall the society encourages excellence, creativity and collaboration in storytelling for screen.

CWWA Membership

There are 65 CWWA members across Canada. Upon completing one of the WIDC programs, director participants are eligible to become members of the society. They must declare their desire to become a voting member of the society; no membership fees required. Others interested in becoming a member must submit an application for review by the CWWA Board of Directors.

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