FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: March 27, 2018 Vancouver/Winnipeg:

Women In the Director’s Chair (WIDC) is collaborating with the Winnipeg Film Group to offer a new WIDC Short Works Award for women interested in advancing their careers in directing screen fiction. This lab will be free and is designed to provide a prize package for up to 3 women directors including a tailored development offering with the goal of creating a short fiction work (2-3 minutes maximum), suitable as a stand alone piece for festival screenings; a teaser; or a tool for funding and promotional purposes for a longer work (e.g. feature film or web series). Winnipeg Film Group will have rights to non-exclusive disrtibution after festival run. This is an adjudicated offering. As such, applicants are requested to make a case to be selected by completing and submitting this form by the deadline. Applicants should be Manitoba residents and have already directed a minimum of two short films.

DEADLINE: April 15, 2018


INQUIRIES regarding the WIDC Short Works Award for Women and other Winnipeg Film Group production programs can be directed to:

Ben Williams
Production Centre Director
204-925-3456, ext 109

  • About the program: Successful applicants will get the opportunity to attend master classes facilitated by WIDC Producer, Carol Whiteman and a Mentor Director (TBA). The classes will be tailored to advance the recipients careers and projects. Each project will be fast-tracked through meetings about concept, pre-production, then into production and post. Following the face-to-face wrap up, each director will work with WIDC Producer to create a marketing and distribution plan in collaboration with Winnipeg Film Group. We are looking for passionate filmmakers who want to fully utilize this opportunity.

*may be subject to change

May 18 to 29, 2018

Masterclasses (lab)

  • Day 1: Friday (evening) – Intros and discussion on directing and leadership presented by Carol Whiteman, WIDC Producer.
  • Day 2: Saturday  (day) – Master class on Directing tailored to participants’ needs followed by one to one meetings with Mentor(s).
  • Day 3: Sunday (day) – WIDC Sharing Authentic Voices session with WIDC alumnae and invited guests offers an opportunity to meet with like-minded women filmmakers in facilitated roundtables.

Pre-production / Planning Meetings

  • Days 4 to 6: WIDC Producer, Keys, Coordinator, WFG staff meet with each recipient to plan the shoots, book locations / cast (ACTRA) actors per each short work.

Production / Post

  • Day 7 to 10: Shoots & Edits. Each Director shoots one day and works with an editor for up to 12 hours to achieve a rough cut.

View Rough Cuts

  • Day 11: WFG Rough Cut Tuesday screening of rough cuts with feedback.

Wrap up

  • Day 12: Review the process, review personal goals and next steps

Follow up

  • Directors complete their fine cuts over the month of June with notes from mentors at fine cut.
  • Directors meet via Skype for 3x 1-hour sessions to review goals, marketing and distribution plans and further career strategic planning.


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  • Proposal*
    • Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your experience in film / video.
    • Please tell us why we should select you for this award. Describe your proposed short work project. Why is this short work relevant to you and your career? A committee from the Winnipeg Film Group and Women In the Director’s Chair (WIDC) will be reviewing all applications. *


  • Script (2-3 pages)
  • Applicant Résumé / CV – listing film experience (3 pgs max) *
  • 200 word bio (in 3rd person, career-focused) *
  • Photo of you (jpg) *
  • Link to a sample of your previous fiction work  (e.g. short film)*
  • Letter of Recommendation 1 (optional)

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