Application Deadline: WIDC Nominees for Telefilm’s Talent to Watch Program

January 15, 2020

This program targets emerging Canadian talent, supporting them in the production and promotion of their first feature-length film, or a digital (web series) project.  The emphasis of the program is focused on the innovative use of digital platforms for marketing, distribution and audience engagement. Support will be through a non-repayable financial contribution of up to $125,000 per feature film project and a commensurate contribution calculated per minute for web series projects.

WIDC is a nominating partner for this program. Visit Telefilm Canada for criteria.

NEW WIDC Nominee Application Deadline: January 15, 2019*
*Nominating Partner submissions open February 18, 2019

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Application Deadline: WIDC Career Advancement Module - Vancouver

January 15, 2020
Vancouver, BC

WIDC Career Advancement Module (CAM)

OutReach Initiative

Application Deadline:  January 15, 2020 (Vancouver, BC)

Timed to take place in sync with Canadian International Women’s Film Festivals, currently in Vancouver, Toronto and St John’s, the CAM is an intensive stand-alone module of the WIDC program designed for mid-career women screen directors.

Identify and maximize your personal leadership style, learn how to navigate the continuum of confidence, and how articulating what you love about being a storyteller for screen can give you a competitive advantage. Discover tips about reading the room while pitching your projects, process feedback from Industry experts (selected representatives from funding agencies including Telefilm Canada, seasoned producers, distributors,  directors, agents), and learn how to leverage all of this to advance your screen fiction projects and career.

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Application Deadline: WIDC Feature Film Award (FFA)

July 5, 2020
All Day

WIDC Feature Film Award (FFA)

Through the combined support of leading Canadian screen industry organizations, WIDC provides mentorship and executive producing services for an annual national award valued at up to $200,000 in-kind rentals, facilities and services towards a first or second narrative fiction feature film project directed by a Canadian woman.

Application deadline: July 5, 2020
(new annual deadline)

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