WIDC: Career Advancement Module (CAM)

CAM St John’s Deadline: August 15, 2020
Workshop Dates: October 13 to 18, 2020

CAM Toronto: next session dates, TBA

CAM Vancouver Deadline: January 15, 2021
Workshop Dates: March 7  to 12, 2021

(all dates may be subject to change)

Designed to dovetail with Canadian International Women’s Film Festivals, currently in Vancouver, Toronto and St John’s, the CAM is an intensive stand-alone module of the WIDC program aimed for mid-career women and gender minority screen directors. Identify and maximize your personal leadership style, learn how to navigate the continuum of confidence, and how articulating what you love about being a storyteller for screen can give you a competitive advantage, discover tips about reading the room while pitching your projects, process feedback from Industry experts, from Telefilm Canada representatives, seasoned producers, distributors,  directors, agents (selected each session), and learn how to leverage all of this to advance your screen fiction projects and career.

The CAM offers a tailored leadership master class for up to four mid-career women and gender minority filmmakers in each session.  The program includes a Full Festival pass to the host festival, one to one meetings with CAM mentors and experts, a group wrap up Exit Session on the final day of the Festival to debrief, confirm follow up goals and timeline for 3x one to one follow up “Career Goal” check-ins after the face to face session during the host Festival.


  • To work with mid-career women and gender minority content creators (writers, directors, producers) in identifying and achieving their career and project goals, primarily in scripted production.
  • To develop confidence and capabilities in areas including but not limited to self-promotion, communication, leadership, strategic planning, and creative solutions.
  • To develop a set of trusted allies who can help spring-board the advancement of participants’ careers and project(s).


  • Tuition is scholarshipped by WIDC through major sponsorship from Telefilm Canada.
  • Festival Passes are provided compliments of the host Festival.
  • Costs of *travel & lodging* are the responsibility of the participant.

To learn more: directors@WIDC.ca

How to Apply & Application Deadlines

Application Fee: $50
By cheque made payable to: Creative Women Workshops Association
Mail to: WIDC CAM
PO Box 34575, 1268 Marine Dr.
North Vancouver, BC V7P 1T2

Application Forms:


Community Collaborators:


*WIDC reserves the right to change WIDC CAM dates or personnel and / or make cancellations without notice.