WIDC Feature Film Award (FFA)

Supported by leading Canadian screen industry organizations, CWWA administers an annual national award valued at up to approximately $200,000 in-kind towards a first or second, scripted fiction feature film project directed by a Canadian woman, anywhere in Canada. While WIDC focuses on women directors, the WIDC Feature Film Award cohort also includes the writer and producer team who will be offered a tailored mentorship, as applicable and mutually agreeable.

Application Deadline:

Early Open for Submissions: May 8, 2021 (for WIDC alumnae)
General Open for Submissions: June 8, 2021 
Close of Submissions:  July 8, 2021

Application Form

Send Submissions to: Awards@widc.ca

For more information: Enquiries@widc.ca

Application Fee:  waived*

*Due to financial stresses caused by COIVD-19, the regular fee $50 has been waived. These fees are normally allocated towards peer jury honoraria and a cash award to the winning production. Donations are always welcome, but are NOT a requirement.


Sponsorships have been provided by

In kind:
Grip & Lighting: William F. White International Inc., Walter Lighting & Grip Inc.
Post Production Sound: White Hart Post Production, Sim (formerly Tattersall Sound & Picture)
Post Production Picture:
  Sim, Company3, Encore VFX,  Technicolor Toronto, Skylab Vancouver,
Post Moderne
: Panavision CanadaKeslow Camera, Sim, Post Moderne
Studio: North Shore Studios, The Bridge Studios, or Vancouver Film Studios
Clearances: The Research House Clearances Services Inc.
Insurance: Front Row Insurance
Described Video; Captioning; Subtitling: Descriptive Video Works , National Captioning Canada; Line 21 Media

Project Development: WIDC offers a tailored mentorship and an automatic director spot in a WIDC program.

Executive Producing: WIDC provides Executive Producing services.

Past Award Winners: