All applicants must submit:

Application Form:

  • Return to the applicable master program page to find the application form you require.

Resume / 200-word Bio

Include your 1-2 page resume.
Please include in your bio:

  • The most recent projects you have worked on, and what your role was.
  • Where your work has been presented / aired / shown.
  • Any previous training and / or special recognition for your work.

JPG portrait of you (500 x 500 pt).

Sample of your Previous Work
Directors, include a demo reel, however, it is preferable to include a link to complete projects so the jury can review your treatment of story arc. You may include links to up to three samples of your previous work. Ensure the links are non-expiring as the jury process takes place in several stages.

Actors, include a demo reel. Tips for actor demo reels.

Cover Letter (1-page max.)

Directors: (required)

  • Why you are applying and how this is an important time for you to attend this WIDC program.
  • What type of projects you focus on – or would like to focus on (e.g., genre, feature films, shorts, television, web series, etc.).
  • A brief statement about the project you’d like to develop at WIDC.
  • A statement of your learning objective(s), including why you are submitting the MAIN scenes you have selected.

Actors: (optional)

  • Why you are applying to the WIDC program.

Director Applicants must also include:

  • Project Synopsis:  Provide up to one page story synopsis of your project. Include a sentence (logline) at the beginning that summarizes the story.
  • Two Original MAIN Scenes:  Include two scenes from your project script. These may be for up to three characters (must be the same characters in each scene) maximum. One scene should have elements that worry or scare you. The other scene should be one that is already working well.
  • Three Letters of Reference: Letters may be in the form of emails from Industry professionals who are familiar with your work. (Only two letters required for WIDC alumnae).
  • Application Fee: Waived for all applicants again this year.  Donations are always welcome but are NOT required for the application process.