In partnership with Creative Women Workshops Association, @Wallace Studios created an opportunity for WIDC Alumnae to shoot their film and television projects in their choice of three state-of-the-art studio facilities (subject to availability). One week’s worth of studio rental time valued at $10,000 in kind, plus a one-year subscription to, was awarded to a WIDC Alumna annually.

Application deadline: Pending Award Renewal


2009 (under Centennial College @Wallace Studios)
Naomi Jaye is receiving this year’s award for her short documentary, SCARRED.

2008 (under Centennial College @Wallace Studios)
Katherine Fitzgerald is receiving this year’s prize for her short film project, THE FIXER AND THE SWIMMER.

2007 (under Centennial College @Wallace Studios)
Rita Shelton Deverell was awarded the prize for her docu-drama NOT A DROP, an exploration of the aftermath of Katrina and the forgotten people of Canada.

Leslie Ann Coles was awarded the prize for a teaser for her series VARIETY STORE. Variety Store has since been optioned by Kalidascope Entertainment.

Co-winners, Annie Bradley for her short FRAN, A TABLE AND A GUN, and Sarah Michelle Brown for her sci-fi short MOCHA LATTE.

Co-winners, Patricia Harris Seeley, for her sci-fi short, THE CONSORT and Mieko Ouchi for her short, ASSEMBLY.

The first winner of this prize, valued at $10,000 (in kind), Veronica Tennant was presented the award for her one-hour film SHADOW PLEASURES written and narrated by Michael Ondaajte. Shadow Pleasures was broadcast on CBC Television, nominated for a Banff Rockie Award in 2004 and a segment of the project, The Cinnamon Pealer received a theatrical release.