Multi-award-winner, Mary M. Frymire has fearlessly grabbed the reigns of both film director and producer for over 30 years. Traversing across Europe, South America and Asia, Frymire has worked on projects such as Martinique; Runaway Bay, a documentary about kids changing the world, to directing a 16mm film in Paris exploring cemeteries and catacombs, and moving to Spain to focus on a film about Carmen Amaya and the roots of Flamenco, while also studying Flamenco.

Specializing in cinematic, creative sequences, cinéma vérité and observational approaches to filmmaking and drawing on her cross-cultural experience, Frymire develops engaging, visually evocative projects that tell compelling stories. In development are feature docs, series, narrative films and series. 

Awards & Nominations


Takaya: Lone Wolf (short doc)
2020 – Leo Award nominations, Best Program, Direction, Screenwriting, Cinematography

Dr. Keri: Prairie Vet (doc series)
2020 – Leo Award nomination, Best Screenwriting
2019 – Leo Award nominations, Best Program, Direction
2018 – Leo Award winner, Best Direction
2018 – Leo Award nomination, Best Program