In order to be as responsive as possible to the needs of women screen directors, and to the screen-based media industry overall, WIDC program offerings are evolving. Our goals are to:

  • Continue to support the advancement of the 250 WIDC director alumnae across Canada
  • Further develop relationships with existing sponsors
  • Seek new relationships that will lead to more work opportunities for women screen directors
  • Inspire international co-productions by introducing international participants to the program

To accomplish these goals we have restructured and re-envisioned our successful WIDC program offerings to better help mid-career women screen directors and writer/directors to:

  • Develop their creative and leadership muscles
  • Inspire lasting business collaborations
  • Fund their projects
  • Reach more audiences
  • Tell compelling stories from their own authentic voice
Mentorship & Development Production Awards
Story & Leadership
Career Advancement Module (CAM)
Feature Film Award (FFA)
Short Works Award (SWA)
Telefilm Canada Talent to Watch Program Nominating Partner

Upon request, CWWA would be pleased to design and deliver professional development offerings tailored to your group or company’s needs.