Monique Hurteau’s interdisciplinary practice spans from writing, Film/TV, stand-up comedy to painting and visual arts. Even her writing crosses diverse mediums and spaces including the Canadian Museum of Human Rights, the Indigenous Music Awards and most recently CBC’s The Debaters. Monique also wrote, produced and co-directed, the 2016 documentary Chasing Lear including all aspects of the convergent DM components. Additionally, she wrote the pilot, series bible and did graphic design for the docu-series in development, Mischif Men.

Monique augments her ongoing self-study with formal training in directing, screenwriting, producing, editing, voiceover and film distribution.

Throughout her body of work, Monique explores her own complex cultural history and identity while challenging and purposely disrupting societal and cultural norms. She is an alumna of the WIDC Story & Leadership program, the 2019 BANFF Diversity of Voices program and the 2020 BANFF SPARK program for women entrepreneurs.