Featured Voices: WIDC Feature Film Award Winners

Featured Voices: WIDC Feature Film Award Winners2020-06-15T00:18:42-07:00

Pamela Gallant

Director, Monica's News
“I am truly grateful for this award. You have given me a golden key and I am all the more moved that this award stems from an organization that has worked tirelessly to champion women’s voices and creative stories.”

Shelley Thompson

Director, Dawn, Her Dad & the Tractor
“With the incredible support of the WIDC and the award sponsors, my hope is that this story will encourage what I’ve been privy to in my family: the coming together of family and community to value, advocate for and celebrate Read More »

Sonia Bonspille Boilieu

Director, Rustic Oracle
“I’m extremely honoured. To me this is much more than an award to help me make my film, it’s an opportunity to be a part of the WIDC family; a community of women filmmakers and mentors I know I will Read More »

Katrin Bowen

Director, Amazon Falls
“I felt a huge amount of support while at WIDC 2007, from the course and my fellow directors, and to still have the program behind me is a great way to make my first feature.  The WIDC Feature Film Award Read More »

Jordan Canning

Director, Suck It Up
“We have an opportunity to tell a story about grieving in our youth – something we rarely see on film, but a reality that more and more of us are dealing with in our 20s and 30s. I am deeply Read More »

Marie Clements

Director, Red Snow
“The WIDC Feature Film Award is a one of a kind opportunity for the making of what we feel is our one of a kind movie. I not only acknowledge this as a profound gift to a filmmaker but a Read More »

Siobhan Devine

Director, The Birdwatcher
“This script crossed my path shortly after the loss of a dear friend. I witnessed her struggle to come to terms with planning a future for her daughter that she would not be a part of, so this story hits Read More »

Kathleen Hepburn

Director, Never Steady, Never Still
“This will be my first feature as a writer / director and getting this far has been extremely daunting, but with this generous award and the WIDC by my side, it suddenly all feels very real and very achievable and Read More »

Lulu Keating

Director, Lucille's Ball
“The whole design of this film was developed with this award in mind – a studio shoot to create a high concept, low-budget film. It will incorporate creative animation techniques with live action. This award is absolutely the most thrilling Read More »

Gloria Ui Young Kim

Director, Queen of the Morning Calm
“I’m so thrilled to receive this amazing award. I can’t thank Women In the Director’s Chair, Carol Whiteman and the jury enough for making my dream come true. With the help of the WIDC Feature Film Award I’m looking forward Read More »

Ana Valine

Director, Sitting On the Edge of Marlene
“The WIDC Feature Film Award will help us make Sitting On the Edge of Marlene a reality and will certainly help build the kind of momentum every project needs. This community has been an enormous support while I’ve grown as Read More »
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