“WIDC provide a unique experience unavailable anywhere else.  I am honoured and humbled to have been selected.  To be taken seriously by such high-profile professionals as our mentors is a profound and moving experience.”

Katherine Fitzgerald an award winning filmmaker, and Gemini and DGC award-winning sound editor. Katherine has directed five short films – including the NSI-Canada Drama Prize winning Bread & Kisses (2010) – her first film as writer/director, which was awarded a Grand Remi at WorldFest Houston for Best Student Film. Her films have screened and sold internationally. A graduate of the 2008 Women In the Director’s Chair workshop, she received the Centennial College @Wallace Studios WIDC Alumnae Award (2008) to complete her short. Her feature, The Lockmaster, received development funding from the Corus Made with Pay Fund (2009).

Also a sound editing teacher, Katherine’s institutions of note include Concordia and McGill Universities, Humber College, and the Directors Guild of Canada. Katherine is a recent graduate of the Advanced Television and Film Program at Sheridan College (2010), and a recent participant in ENGAGE Plus (2011) – an international screenwriting and producing workshop where she developed her feature script Scalpel.

In 2014 she attended the “Electric Universe 2014 All About Evidence” conference on a scholarship, where she began work on a documentary about Immanuel Velikovsky. Velikovsky’s ideas about our catastrophic past were heavily censored by mainstream science in the 1950s, and his books were burnt. In 2015, Katherine completed an MA in Film at the University of Staffordshire. Her thesis focused on developing the Velikovsky documentary. She has produced a 24-minute film about Velikovsky: The Baby and the Bathwater, told through the recollections of senior scientists and researchers who knew him. Although this short documentary will eventually become a stand-alone film, its primary goal is to serve as a vehicle for future funding and further development. The Baby and the Bathwater has received very favourable feedback in private screenings, and once the rights have been secured it will be more widely disseminated. Presently, Katherine is focusing on developing this documentary, plus a documentary about Max Planck.